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God created you to be earthly incredible that heaven flows out of you as you focus on Him! - HEAVEN INSIDE YOU!!!!


We emphasize teaching people on who Christ is and who we are in Christ and what we have in Christ, as this truth makes us to have the mind of Christ and to walk like Christ in this world, the scripture says in I John 4:17 “As Jesus is, so are we in this world”. The teaching provided here provokes the people to rise up and be the ambassadors and representatives of Jesus Christ, and to display what the Kingdom of God looks like here on earth.

We also focus on training and equipping the people to move in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. We equip people to live a supernatural lifestyle of love. We have a group of people moving in street healing and we have lots of healing testimonies and many people have encountered the love of God and got saved through this healing ministry.

Paul Ministries also conducts Sunday School and Youth Ministry. We empower children and youths to grow spiritually through the Word of God and teach them the Kingdom-Minded principles, which positively affects their personality and also to be effective in all their daily routine activities and studies.

We teach the Word of God, which is living and powerful and allow it to manifest and bring into reality in each one of our lives.

The vision of Paul Ministries is to see the Kingdom of God expand on the Earth and to see people walking in their full Kingdom authority and Kingdom reality. Paul Ministries have a passion to raise up warriors by teaching people the real identity in Christ, and how powerful and valuable they are on this earth.

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  • Pastor. Paul Raj

    Pastor. Paul Raj is the founder of Paul Ministries. He is a powerful preacher who preaches the Word of God with great illustrations and examples on how to abide on the Word of God and live a lifestyle that God intended a man to be. His inspirational message of "Renewing the Mind" penetrates the hearts of believers and motivates them to live a righteous and blessedful life. His passion is to see people live with full freedom knowing who they are in God. His teaching has impacted many people's lives through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

  • Pastor. John Ebenezer

    Pastor. John Ebenezer is a dynamic preacher who brings out the revelation of who God is for us, in us, and through us in a powerful way. His messages have enlightened and transformed many people's lives. He is passionate about equipping believers to carry the love and power of God. His messages inspire and challenge believers to go and change the world. His desire is to see the believers walking in the true identity, unashamed of the gospel and ready to do whatever God requests. He regularly sees God perform miraculous healings in the church and on the streets.

  • Brother. Stephen Paul

    Brother Stephen Paul teaches on the Word of God bringing out the revelation of how powerful a believer is in Christ. He carries a passion with a heart to serve and love the Lord in everything he does. He loves to see the believers step into their God-given identity and purpose. He reveals the created value of a believer through the scriptures by showing them who they are in Christ. He is passionated about street healing and has seen many miraculous street healings and as a result many have accepted Jesus Christ through the demonstration of God's mighty power.



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